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The following is a list of notable people who have been diagnosed with dyslexia.

  • Dave Chalk, Canadian broadcaster and technologyjournalist
  • LouiseArnold, English author.
  • Bruce Jenner,athlete
  • Orlando Bloom,actor
  • Daniel Powter,singer and songwriter
  • Susan Hampshire,actress
  • Samuel R. Delany,science fiction author and literary critic
  • Shlomo Moussaieff, Jewelry businessman and Bible expert
  • Anthony Hopkins,actor
  • Ozzy Osbourne, musician
  • Jo Self, Artist
  • Joss Stone, singer
  • Helen B. Taussigcardiologist
  • Michael Dudikoff,actor
  • Jackie Stewart, racingdriver
  • John de Lancie, actor
  • AbhishekBachchan, Bollywood actor.
  • Octavia Butler,science fiction author
  • IngvarKamprad, industrialist, founder of IKEA
  • ටොම් කෲස්, actor
  • John Irving,novelist
  • Carl XVI Gustaf, king of Sweden
  • Keira Knightley,actress
  • Erin Brockovich, legal clerk.
  • Ben Way, entrepreneur
  • Lindsay Wagner,actress
  • Scott Quinnell, Rugby player
  • Lee Ryan, Singer and songwriter.
  • Bryan Singer, filmdirector
  • Kjell Inge Røkke Norwegian businessman and among the richest men in Norway.
  • රිවඩ් බ්‍රැන්සන්, entrepreneur
  • MarcusBrigstocke, English comedian and satirist.
  • Jamie Oliver, chef and televisionhost
  • Andrew Dornenburg,author and chef
  • Stephen J. Cannell, creator of shows such as The A-Team
  • PatrickDempsey, actor
  • Noel Gallagher,musician
  • Anderson Cooper, Americanjournalist
  • Fannie Flagg,comedienne and author
  • Paul Oakenfold, a record producer and one of the best-knownTrance DJs worldwide
  • Bob Weir, guitarist
  • John Chambers, CEO of Cisco
  • Henry Winkler,actor, spokesman for the Dyslexia Foundation
  • Dorrit Moussaieff, First Lady of Iceland
  • Kenny Logan, rugby player
  • Suzanne Somers, actress
  • Charles Schwab, founder of U.S. brokeragefirm
  • Benjamin Zephaniah, poet
  • Jeremy Bonderman, baseball player
  • Paul Orfalea, founder of FedExKinkos
  • Joseph Fiennes, actor
  • Cher, singer and actress, and herdaughter, Chastity Bono
  • Whoopi Goldberg,actress and comedienne
  • Richard Ford, author
  • Jay Leno, talk show host and comedian
  • Willem Johan Kolff, physician
  • Guy Ritchie, filmdirector
  • Mike Gravel, former United StatesSenator

1. බාහිර සබැඳි

Associations and Charities

  • Dyslexia Action
  • Valley of Chicago Learning Center
  • British Dyslexia Association
  • International Dyslexia Organization
  • British Dyslexics


  • help on dyslexia
  • T Orton and June L Orton Personal Papers and Manuscripts at theColumbia University Health Science Library collection

1.1. බාහිර සබැඳි Historical

  • help on dyslexia
  • T Orton and June L Orton Personal Papers and Manuscripts at theColumbia University Health Science Library collection

1.2. බාහිර සබැඳි Research papers, articles and media

  • The Neural Basis of Reading articles 1995 - 2005
  • of intensive training on auditory processing and reading skills
  • the Relationship between Dynamic Visual and Auditory Processing andLiteracy Skills; Results from a Large Primary-school Study
  • Unit Publications 1981-2003 list of research papers whichcan be located at academic publishers or Googled
  • Haskins Laboratories reading research
  • Dynamic sensory sensitivity and children’s word decoding skills
  • Processing Deficits in Children with Dyslexia
  • Dyslexia - A common learning disability
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  • of the Code - A social-education Project about the "code andthe challenge of learning to read it"
  • Diagnosing dyslexia in children - a guide for parents

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